ALAI Italia is honored to host ALAI 2016 International Congress in Rome.

This event coincides with the 75th anniversary of the Italian Copyright Act, enacted on April 22, 1941, one of the most long-standing copyright laws in the world, and farsighted to the point that it has maintained its consistency while adapting to the new rules of a few international treaties and several European directives.

The link between the location and the theme of the Congress is all but casual. Ancient Rome is the place where the Uncertain Border between Beauty and Usefulness is plastically represented in ancient aqueducts, thermal bath, theatres, forums and markets. Urban facilities have been the expression of the Roman civilization, as the Law has been the unifying factor for all the peoples who have contributed to that civilization. Art and Law are, in fact, the core of the Roman cultural heritage.

Creativity, Usefulness and Law are also the leitmotiv of the Congress. These two days – focused on Applied Arts and the Law – find their epitome in Fontana di Trevi, just a few steps away from the Congress venue. The Fountain was, in fact, originally conceived to supply water to the city and subsequently transformed into the triumphant architectural masterpiece the world admires today.

ALAI Congress proposes to analyze the different forms of protection granted to arts applied to the industry, with reflections on the 3D Technology and its impact on IP paradigms.

Looking at the future, ALAI Italia has offered special conditions to facilitate the participation of IP students, researchers and young professionals in IP. With this same intention, we proposed IED to launch a competition for the design of the congress logo and graphic identity; this proposal was welcomed enthusiastically and it is also thanks to IED students’ creativity that ALAI2016 congress in Rome will be remembered.

Stefania Ercolani

President of ALAI Italia