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Suburban Homes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Suburban Homes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

American Dream: The Suburban Home

The American Dream is a powerful thing. It’s the idea that if you work hard, buy a house, and raise your family in the suburbs of our country, then you’ll be happy for life. The reality is that many people have found suburban living to not be everything they expected it to be.

People who have lived in the suburbs for a long time might think that suburban homes are safe and secure, but they don’t mention how much of your life you’re sacrificing to live there. People often feel crowded and overly-connected with their neighbors because everyone is so close together. You can see people’s laundry hanging out on lines outside or their cars parked over by the mailbox; it feels like living inside a fishbowl where every move you make is visible.

Holland Asphalt Repair

Many families find themselves driving more than 20 minutes just to get anywhere other than school, work, and the grocery store which takes up all of our spare time when we’re not working hard at those places too. It becomes very difficult if you want something besides what’s available in the suburbs. Roads are often the only way to get anywhere, but they’re slower and more congested than in other neighborhoods. Fortunately, there is Holland Asphalt Repair to keep these roads in a good condition.

The good thing about suburbs is that people are very friendly because they all know one another as well as their neighbors’ business. There’s a sense of community there too which can’t be found in other places. But, if you have kids or pets, it becomes difficult to enjoy your own yard when you constantly have someone else’s children playing on your lawn and walking through your flowers with muddy feet while not saying “excuse me.” It just doesn’t feel like home anymore.